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Tithing When Your Husband Doesn’t Want To

Posted by Rob Willey on

When your husband objects to storehouse tithing (giving 10% to your local church), or any kind of giving
to the church, I recommend the following:

  1. In a quiet, appropriate, and loving way – let your husband know (or remind him) what the Bible says about the blessings of tithing, and the curses of not.
  2. Ask him if you can tithe based on your family income, even if he doesn’t come to church or isn’t a believer.
  3. Give him time to think on it – a few days or even weeks.
  4. Ask him again, and if he says no, ask him if you can tithe on half of your family income.
  5. If he says no to that, ask him if you can tithe on the parts of your budget that you are responsible for – food, your own discretionary spending, etc.
  6. If he says no to all of that, then tell him you will willingly submit to his leadership, but that you believe based on the Bible, your family will miss out on God’s best, and possibly suffer difficulty.
  7. From time to time, in an appropriate way and at appropriate times, remind him of your desire to tithe, and God’s standard for doing so in the Bible.

As a wife, God knows your heart, and I believe you’re protected (you’re right with him) by honoring his design to submit to your husband in this. He’s not asking or forcing you to sin because ultimately it’s his decision in overseeing the home. Nor is the solution to his sin (of withholding the tithe), to sin yourself by going behind his back.