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Politics, Polls and You
Posted by Rob Willey on

Unless you get paid to talk about it, politics seems to be one of those forbidden topics of conversation these days, especially in the church-world. But with the stakes being what they are, and the levels of apathy, bigotry, fear and irrationality on the rise (on both sides), I believe this...

Tithing When Your Husband Doesn’t Want To
Posted by Rob Willey on

When your husband objects to storehouse tithing (giving 10% to your local church), or any kind of giving to the church, I recommend the following: In a quiet, appropriate, and loving way – let your husband know (or remind him) what the Bible says about the blessings of tithing, and the...

11 Biblical Points Regarding Personal Sexual Sin
Posted by Rob Willey on

Pastor Rob,As we've gone through 1 Corinthians over the last year and a half, you've mentioned masturbation along with other sexual sins. Like many men, I've dabbled and wrestled with this through much of my teen and college years, and it's still a struggle today, though by God's grace I have...