Harvest Men


Harvest Men


To raise up men that follow Jesus in how they lead, love and protect in every area of their lives.


Harvest Men is a band of brothers united in their devotion to Christ. We gather to study the Bible, hold each other accountable and encourage one another in our faith. 

Saturday Morning Live Teaching

Men, join us for Saturday Morning Live Teaching at the Main Campus as we dive into Disciplines of a Godly Man by R. Kent Hughes. This study will challenge you in all aspects of Christian manhood, including marriage, integrity, leadership, and more. Study begins Saturday, September 16 at 7:00am. There is no cost or registration required.

 View Fall 2017 Teaching Schedule Here

Men's Small Groups

Harvest Men is now offering Men's Small Groups. This is an opportunity for men to come together weekly in groups of 4-5 for biblical discussion, community, and accountability. Group meeting times and locations vary based on the needs of each small group. Click the button below to register.


Men's Time of Prayer

Men, join us for our Men's Time of Prayer offered every week. Details for each campus are listed below.


Wednesdays  |  6:15-7:15am  |  Adult Ministries Room


Thursdays  |  6:15-7:15am  |  Conference Room


West Campus

Join us for our Fall Study: Doing Good: What Happens when Christians Live Like Christians by Chip Ingram. If Christians are "saved by grace alone," why does it matter if we do good?  This video study will explore this very question.  Through reading God's Word, the video teaching, and group discussion, we will grow together in our knowledge and love for scripture as we study Titus.

Sundays from 6-8pm
Cost is $10.00
Childcare provided