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Cody Rogers

Worship Leader

Cody accepted Christ at the age of 17 after attending the baptism service of a high school friend. He was blessed to have many mentors pour into him and his relationship with Christ early on.

He was born in Bakersfield, CA and moved to Prophetstown, IL at the age of 7. After graduating from Prophetstown High School, he attended Monmouth College where he received a B.A. in Music and Religious Studies in 2012.

Cody has been leading worship for over 4 years, and has been playing on worship teams for over 9 years. Before joining the Harvest Bible Chapel — Davenport staff, he had the pleasure of being the Worship Pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel — Clear Lake, IA for 3 years. To him, worship is more than just the music before the message. Worship is eternal, and we have the pleasure of doing it for all of eternity in heaven. Cody has dedicated his life to leading God’s people in worship that is filled with both spirit and truth.

It was in Clear Lake, IA that Cody met his wife, Brittany. They were married on October 18, 2014. They live in Davenport, IA and enjoy playing board games, hanging with family, watching movies, and being active outside.