Where It Goes


Where It Goes

Where does my tithe go?

When you give to Harvest Bible Chapel Davenport, you're doing more than paying the pastors' salary!  In fact, there are many ministries both here in Davenport as well as around the globe that are supported with your gift!  Here is a glimpse of where your tithes and offerings go:


At Harvest our mission is about changed lives, and it takes resources to do this.  Part of your tithe goes to some very tangible things including:


  • Buildings - paying the mortgage, utilities & maintenance
  • Staff - paying salaries & benefits
  • Ministries - providing resources for the ministries and events we offer
  • Savings - we desire to be wise stewards with the resources we receive, so we set aside a portion of your giving into a savings account for future needs.


We have a passion to see our ministry reach beyond the four walls of a building, so a large portion of your tithe goes to support our Local & Global Partners through monthly support, resources and assisting with monies needed to send short term mission teams to help serve in their ministries.


Harvest Bible Chapel Davenport is part of a group of churches, or fellowship, that focuses on planting more Harvest Bible Chapels around the globe.  Each Harvest Bible Chapel is encouraged to give a portion of their giving to help support the continuing work of the Fellowship.  Read more about the mission of Harvest Bible Fellowship here.